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what we do? 

Trust Kisha Designs provides clients with luxurious and functional interior design, taking their décor wishes and bringing them to life. With CEO Kisha's creative vision and 3D rendering tools, she can create lavish spaces that blend her client's unique style and personality with superior design and perfect functionality.


Our Services:

  • Trust Kisha Designs and The Design Genie can expertly grant your design wishes, making your interior fantasy a reality, even from afar!

  • Our Virtual Design feature enables us to communicate, collaborate, and delegate services online via WhatsApp or GoogleMeet

  • Distinctive Custom Interior eDesign has never been easier and more fun!

Trust us to turn your uninspiring space into something truly special. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


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Are you ready for The Design Genie™ to help make your fantasy a living, breathing reality? Go ahead and book your desired service then skip right to the questionnaire by selecting the 100% READY button to see how we can illustrate your dream by collaborating together. 

**The Design Genie is available for local visits as well as travel. Covid measures are taken.

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